NaturEtrade creating a marketplace for ecosystem services

A LIFE+ project funded by the EU

Is NaturEtrade biodiversity offsetting?

NaturEtrade is NOT a biodiversity offsetting mechanism. NaturEtrade is a payment- for-ecosystem-services system that enables the marketplace to take into account the economic value of nature and pay for these services where they are deemed to benefit their operations (with a view to creating resilient economies).

How does the project help climate change?

It is estimated that in Europe there are currently 73 million ha of privately owned forests and peatlands. In order to stabilise greenhouse gas concentration at a level that keeps global warming below 2° C, it is essential that a mechanism for protecting these remaining blocks of privately owned forest and peatlands is developed quickly.

This project presents an opportunity for collecting important data related to the carbon balance of EU forests and peatlands and marketing this regulating service as a tradable ecosystem service commodity to private investors.